SLEEPER MODE muffler ( V3 )

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Hot Rod Scott's SLEEPER MODE muffler gives you the choice to make your car sound powerful, but also has the ability to make your car blend into the crowd. The SLEEPER MODE muffler has a stainless steel body, and comes equipped with an electronic valve or vacuum powered value. It is remote control operated and easy to use. So whether making an NASTY appearance or being stealthy, SLEEPER MODE muffler is only for the true CARTEL . No noise, no case!


  • SLEEPER MODE muffler
  • 2x Remotes
  • Wiring
  • Electric con

*Modifications may be needed for some vehicles to fit!*


 *Buyer is responsible to pay for customs fee from logistics company. Some orders will have a customs fee between $20-50 CAD and can be easily paid on logistic website*

(Installation) Weld on, and Professional installation is highly recommended.

(1 Year Warranty) 12 months warranty: Feel free to contact our customer service if you have any problem with our product.       

Our SLEEPER MODE mufflers carry a 1 year Warranty against defects in materials or craftsmanship when used on private passenger cars and light trucks under normal operating conditions. Any modification to the product or use inconsistent with the intended application voids this warranty.

1 Year Warranty is limited to replacement of the worn-out or defective product with the same (or substantially comparable) product in accordance with this warranty. Cost of removal and installation are not included, and any incidental and consequential damages are excluded under this warranty, regardless of when the failure occurs. These warranties have no cash value. The warranties will not apply to products which have been modified, improperly applied or installed on vehicles used for commercial or racing purposes.

To make a claim under this warranty, simply contact us at and return the defective product with the dated original receipt.